Welcome to my website! If you’re looking for my resume, that can be found here.

I’m Jacob Chvatal, a sophomore Computer Science student. I spent the first eighteen years of my life growing up in Portland, OR (yes, many aspects of the city are similar to those showcased in Portlandia), and am currently attending Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.

In the classroom, I’m passionate about open-source software, well-designed code, and (*)nix systems. My current interests lie in developing new methods for humans to interact with technology, whether empowered by Domain-Specific Languages or Computer Vision - I want to help people learn to interact with the technology we use daily and empower them with tools to accomplish this more efficiently and more effectively.

As such, my studies have primarily focused on exploring machine learning and programming languages, with some time spent on high-performance computing and algorithm optimization.

When I’m not coding, I spend much of my free time attending underground concerts, taking photos and playing obscure board games.