Started at HackHarvard with a team of three other Northeastern students and myself, Poo-NU is an application to help Northeastern students locate the closest available restroom. The application can be found at https://github.com/jakechvatal/poo-nu.

The application is built with a React Native front-end with Material UI components and Bootstrap formatting. It interfaces with a GraphQL backend layer that makes queries to a MySQL databases. We selected these technologies primarily because we each wanted to learn how to use one of the technologies we chose; I had no experience with GraphQL and very little with React Native, so I learned how to apply my React knowledge to a cross-platform application and to adjust to a new form of querying and API definiton.

Users are currently able to locate the nearest available bathroom via Google Maps, view which bathrooms are closest to them geographically and key information about them, such as their average rating and building location. Upon tapping on a bathroom, users are presented with a more detailed view of the bathroom with all of its ratings left by other users, and are able to add to these ratings themselves. We felt that making PooNU not just a utility, but also a community of others would help Northeastern students bond over their favorite campus bathrooms.